Nanoblading & Microblading 

Whats the difference between Nanoblading and Microblading? 
How does the procedure work? 
How many treatments does it take? 
Every client responds differently due to a number of different variables. There are variations in ink colours and their chemical compositions, depth and density of ink placement, skin type. During your consultation, your technician will ask you various questions regarding the look you are aiming for. 
Will I need a top up treatment? 
What preparation is require before treatment? 
A patch test is always needed at least 48 hours before treatment. Please shave the area 24 hours before treatment and avoid any creams, lotions and perfumes. Sunbathing and Sunbeds should be avoided at least 4 weeks before treatment. 
Nanoblading & Microblading 
Nanoblading (Korean Microblading) 
Treatment Time 
Regular Price 
Special Offer Price 
Consultation & Patch Test 
20 Minutes 
£ 25.00 
3 Hours 
3 Hours 
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