Intimate Waxing 

What is Intimate Waxing? 
Intimate waxing involves hair removal from the pubic region and can start from having a bikini shape to complete hair removal. 
What is a Bikini Line Wax? 
The are a lot of different bikini wax shapes and styles, but the classic shape is the Bikini Line Wax and involves a simple tidy up of hair at the front and a bit down below, so that it doesn't extend beyond your knicker line – just enough to get you bikini-ready (this is the ideal wax for first-timers). 
What is a Brazilian Wax? 
A Brazilian wax differs from a Hollywood wax in the sense that a small amount of hair is often left in the front. The shape of this is usually up to you, you can choose from a range of options such as a square, a triangle or an oval. 
What is a Hollywood Wax? 
And then there's the Hollywood, which leaves your entire pubic area bare. A Hollywood wax removes all the hair from your bikini area (top, sides, and front), and those hard-to-reach areas in the back. 
Do I have to do anything before my treatment? 
Please bath or shower on the day of your treatment and exfoliate your skin well. Please do not apply any creams or lotions to your skin. 
If you are coming straight from work and feel you need to freshen up, fear not we have plenty of wipes available for your use. 
Intimate Waxing 
Intimate Waxing 
Treatment Time 
Regular Price 
Special Offer Price 
Per Session 
Per Session 
Bikini Line Wax 
10 Minutes 
Brazilian Wax 
15 Minutes 
Hollywood Wax 
20 Minutes 
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