Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift 

What is a Brazilian Bum Lift? 
With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Katie Price and Danielle Lloyd regularly updating us on their best assets, there has been the renewed interest in the voluptuous backside. 
The Brazilian Bum lift is the most innovative non-surgical treatment available in the UK today helping women of all ages achieve this. 
This treatment has no downtime, is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure and is proven to be safe and effective. 

How Does The Treatment Work? 
At Rewind Laser Treatment we use leading clinically proven body contouring technology, we combine the science of two to three well used techniques in aesthetic skin care. 
Using these three technologies together gives us the ability to melt the fat pockets that causes dimpled and lumpy skin, re-position and contour fat cells for a more appealing shape and improve the overall firmness, tone and smoothness of the skin. 
How long do the effects of the treatment last & how many treatments will I need? 
There is no downtime so treatment can be as often as you like until you get your desired results, we recommend 7-14 days apart. 
Sessions have immediate results and in many cases a real difference may be seen in as few as 1-3 sessions. 
The results are semi-permanent and can last up to 6 months. 
Top up sessions are required to keep your buttock at your desired look. This is because the treatment is non-surgical, results vary from person to person.  
We suggest you wear comfortable knickers, preferably a thong. 
Each treatment session takes around 60 minutes. 
Is the procedure painful? 
No - The skin may be red immediately after treatment but this usually subsides within an hour and in some cases you may have some bruising. 
Non Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift 
Summer Offers End 31/08/24 
Non Surgical Bum Lifting Treatments 
Treatment Time 
Regular Price 
Special Offer Price 
Course Price 
Course Price 
Per Session 
Per Session 
Course of 3 
Course of 6 
Brazilian Bumlift 
60 Minutes 
£ 75.00 
£ 65.00 
Brazilian Bumlift & Vacuum Therapy Combo 
90 Minutes 
£ 85.00 
£ 75.00 
Brazilian Bumlift & Laser Lipo Combo 
90 Minutes 
£ 95.00 
£ 85.00 
Brazilian Bumlift, Vacuum Therapy & Laser Lipo Combo 
120 Minutes 
The procedure is relatively quick, from 60 minutes per session and requires no downtime - the perfect "lunchtime treatment". 
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